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Generic Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

With several treatment options available for erectile dysfunction (ED), it may be difficult to understand which option is best. If you compare treatments for DE, everyone has similar performance, but there are slight differences. Cialis 20mg works faster than other treatments for erectile dysfunction. It also has the benefit of lasting longer than other treatments.

Generic Cialis is an oral medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. The medicine works by relaxing the blood vessels, which allows the blood to flow into the penis. Cialis 20mg is available in two forms and has been on the market since 2003. With regard to the use of Generic Cialis, there is the choice of Cialis of 36 hours and Cialis for everyday use. Cialis for daily use should also be taken for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. You need to talk to your doctor about which version would be right for you.

There are two things that really distinguish Generic Cialis from other drugs for erectile dysfunction. First of all, Cialis 20mg starts working much faster than other drugs. For most people it usually takes less than 15 minutes. Secondly, it lasts longer (up to 36 hours), which allows spontaneity. Cialis has a proven successful experience. The downside of Generic Cialis  cheap is similar to other drugs for erectile dysfunction. Dizziness, headache, or nasal congestion may occur.

Cialis may interact negatively with other medications. Do not take this medication if you use any form of nitrates. Generic Cialis for daily use and a low cialis max daily dose version, which allows you to try sex with promising results between doses. The low dose may be a better choice for those suffering from other health conditions. Generic 36-hour Cialis is usually used only if necessary, but the drug works quickly and stays in the body for up to 36 hours.

When treatments for ED are compared, Cialis offers numerous benefits. The fact that it works fast and lasts longer than other treatments, also offers two treatment options, really increases the preferability for most people. However, like other erectile dysfunction treatments, there are side effects of which you need to be aware of. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor about Cialis because it can help you decide if Cialis 20mg is the right choice for you.

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Side effects of Generic Cialis and other important medical information

Active principle



You can buy Generic Cialis in different doses: 10 and 20 mg formats are available.


Take one tablet of Generic Cialis at least 30-45 minutes before intercourse.


As already mentioned above, the active ingredient of Cialis, Tadalafil, is an inhibitor of PDE-5. PDE-5 is the enzyme that does not allow the modification of nitrates produced on the brain, which is stimulated by sexual excitation, requires a distension of the arteries (produced by nitrates) and a consequent vasodilation. The arteries previously contracted, will no longer “wall” to the blood flow, allowing you finally to return to have lasting and natural erections.


The indications given here do not differ from the list on the page relating to the brand Cialis. In case of doubts or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or your doctor.

You should never take Generic Cialis without prescription if:

you are taking other products for the improvement of male sexuality
you have serious cardiovascular problems
has been diagnosed with low blood pressure (or if you have problems with low blood pressure)
there are problems with the ocular retina cialis daily dose  (the PDE-5 enzyme is present in the penile region .

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Erectile Dysfunction E Donne Mature

The result is a better and enhanced erectile function.

Tadalafil (trade name Cialis ®) has no effect in the absence of sexual stimulation and must not be used by anyone who does not suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Tadalafil is the third oral product, in terms of time, approved for this circumstance.

This medicine differs from previous products as it stays longer in the body, maintaining its effective effectiveness even up to 36 hours, plus minor secondary effects.

The chemical formula of the Tadalafil molecule is 6R-trans) -6- (1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl) – 2,3,6,7,12,12a-hexahydro-2-methyl-pyrazino [1 ‘, 2 ‘: 1,6] pyrido [3,4-b] indole-1,4-dione C22H19N3O4.

Tadalafil therefore acts against erectile dysfunction by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), allowing the guanosine-monophosphate-cyclic molecule to fulfill the erection effect of the penis.

It works by increasing the effects of one of the chemicals that the human body normally produces during sexual arousal and therefore allows an increase in blood flow.

This results in an easier and faster erection, as well as more prolonged over time.

The action is that in practice to stretch the muscles in the penis and the blood vessels, allowing the blood flow to flow into the penis.

Unlike Sildenafil, the active substance of Tadalafil has a longer half-life (approximately 17 hours), allowing a longer effect, estimated at around 36 hours.

In particular, in the case of a sexual stimulus, the human body secretes a substance called guanosine-monophosphate-cyclic (cGMP): this is what causes the erection of the penis in man.

It is the guanosine-monophosphate-cyclic that generates the enlargement of the penis with the flow of blood inside.

When sexual excitement is present in the brain, a real “chain of events” begins in the human body.

This chain of events is on the one hand made up of psychological factors and on the other side of physical factors, all of this culminates with the production of cGMP in high levels within the tissues of the penis.

When cGMP reaches certain levels, the enlargement and hardening of the penis is generated, called in the particular “erection”.

The greater the amount of cGMP, the longer the duration and the extent of the erection.

Furthermore, until a high level of cGMP exists, the male organ lasts in a state of valid erection.

The lapel of the medal, that is, what damages the cGMP is the enzyme PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase 5).

The production of this enzyme (PDE-5) occurs naturally in the body and its effect is to counteract and cancel the cGMP.

So if there are high levels of PDE-5 in the body at any given time, the cGMP enzyme is not able to carry out its targeted action, ie the erection is not achieved or is reached in a modest manner for cialis generic cheap.

Furthermore, there is an absolutely negligible and passing erection.

It is important to remember that in the brain there is excitement and stimulation but it is not possible to harden the penis or the hardening is limited to a short time.

It is a situation of great psychic distress.

Tadalafil aims to block the PDE-5 enzyme.

With the assumption the PDE-5 is effectively opposed and instead allows the cGMP to carry out its action in complete tranquility.

The result of these chemical actions in the male body leads to the end result of a robust, effective erection lasting over time, so as to allow a sexual relationship without thought.

Tadalafil, therefore, maintains a high level of cGMP produced initially with sexual arousal and as long as this stimulation continues producing and inducing erection, the penis remains in its state of swelling and turgidity and also to a greater extent.

Men in difficulty and who can use them will “bless” the yellow pill.

Tadalafil does not generate a direct erection but generates it in a natural way only when there is sexual excitement.

This means that taking the drug does not have the unnatural effect of a thick and hard penis, but only in the presence of a sexual stimulus.

This anti-impotence drug causes the consequence at the level of the male sexual organ of an immediate erection.

In the absence of stimulation, it is good to remember it, it is not produced and therefore there is no erection.

With Tadalafil then you do not have an erection if you do not want it and this is correct.

Helps achieve erection faster with energy and decisively and by the total duration in which cGMP is present, ie erection will occur throughout the excitement phase.

It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, after only thirty minutes it is already in circulation and reaches its maximum concentration within two hours.

Tadalafil will remain in the body for two days, maintaining a level of effectiveness for approximately thirty-six hours.

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